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South African Artist & Storyteller

An epic journey of self-actualisation and a deep desire to create in a more tangible medium led to the rekindling of a lifelong friendship with lino cutting and printmaking.


Ernst Bröcker is a lino printmaker based in Cape Town, South Africa. He produces original lino prints that are quant and playful. He prints with Lukas Studio Linol ink on 120 gsm paper. Prints are sold with or without a frame. 


Fresh out of AFDA in 2006, with a degree in writing and directing, Ernst started his writing career at the popular Afrikaans television soapie, 7de Laan, where he honed his skills as story developer and breakdown writer. In 2013 Ernst dipped his pen in advertising ink as copywriter, creative strategist and media planner. Currently he’s back to storytelling and working with the SAFTA award-winning (2018) script department team at Suidooster.

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